• Free online stores for you and each of your retailers fully loaded with all your products.

  • All transaction handled and insured against fraud by ShopInde.

  • Always receive full wholesale price.

  • Never a cost to sign, use, or disable.


The Wholesaler’s Guide to ShopInde

ShopInde is a platform that gives you and your retailer partners a better way to sell more of your products online at no cost to you or them.

How it Works:

The key is how we protect the Retailer-Wholesaler relationship.

If a sale happens in one of your retailer’s areas, the retailer receives the profit while the wholesaler keeps the full wholesale price.

We take 15% of the retail sell price and subtract it from the profit and never touch the wholesale price. If your wholesale price is $100 you get $100. If it’s $2500 you get $2500.

Your part:

To participate in Shopinde, you must:

  1. Provide Images and description of your products
  2. Provide us with inventory info including timeline information for custom or backorders.
  3. Set both the wholesale price and the MSRP
  4. Drop-ship the item when a sale occurs (As a competitive eCommerce site, Shopind? offers free shipping, we suggest building basic shipping into your wholesale price)
  5. Give your retailers a free site that carries your products and allows them to simultaneously sell on your behalf and receive the profits from sales made in their regions.
  6. Receive your wholesale price for items that sell!

We are always available and on-hand to help with steps above.

Once you’re up and running

You will have a site on our system (your-name-here.shopinde.com) to which you can drive traffic  to and convert into sales.

More importantly, each of your retailers will be offered a free e-commerce site (if they’re not already on the system). If they are already in the system, they will be able to feature and sell your product.

What happens when an item is sold?

You will receive a notification to ship the item to the customer. You should ship by the 2nd business day after the order has been forwarded to you. Once shipped, you must enter your shipment tracking number into the ShopInde system to mark the item as “sent”

We offer the consumer 30-day returns, so all incoming funds are escrowed for 30 days. We do this so that we ONLY put money IN to your account, never take it out. In the case of a return, we handle everything and return your item to you. The refund isn’t issued until you confirm you have an unmolested, salable item back.

Shipping Details

You must offer ‘economy’ shipping for free. You should build this into your wholesale price. You may offer enhanced shipping at additional cost if you wish.

Items over $300 (retail) must be sent with signature-required. We can not indemnify you for lost items of this value sent without signature required.

Items over $750 (retail) must be sent with signature-required AND with insurance for the purchase amount. If an item of this value is sent without insurance, we can not indemnify you for lost items / fraud / etc.

How do I get paid?

Once the escrow expires without a return,

  1. You will receive your full wholesale price for the item.
  2. ShopInde will receive a commission for the sale that comes out of the profit end.
  3. Your nearest participating retailer will receive the balance of the retail price you’ve set for the item. 

We may also choose to work with ‘affiliates’ to market items. Whatever commission they receive will NOT come out of your price. You always get your full wholesale price for a completed sale.